About Us

Saffil Ltd. is proud to be a business division of Unifrax which is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive portfolio of high temperature insulation wool products and solutions to customers' high temperature, high performance problems.

Saffil Ltd has an extensive product portfolio with proven performance in:

  • the automotive catalytic converter support mat and insulation market;
  • the selective reinforcement of metal alloys, for use in high performance applications where structural integrity or wear resistance requires improvement;
  • the ceramic, iron and steel, and petrochemical industries, supplying furnace/kiln lining and seal solutions, and involvement in the fabrication of hard ceramic boards and shapes for lining, structures and consumables;
  • the aerospace industry where high performance, lightweight insulation and seal materials are needed;
  • the nuclear industry where high temperature stability under compressive loads is required to meet the long term durability demands;
  • speciality markets where unique approaches are needed to solve problems in catalyst supports, high temperature filtration, or other applications where aggressive temperature and chemical contamination conditions exist.