Speciality Applications

Catalyst Support
Saffil Fibre Catalytic Grade mat with fibre surface areas up to 150m2/g are excellent for catalyst support systems or flameless heaters due to the very efficient utilisation of expensive precious metal catalysts.

Filters made from Saffil Fibres are highly efficient due to the fibre's uniformity and absence of 'shot'. The filters remain effective in aggressive conditions and so are excellent candidates for applications involving either hot gases or corrosive liquids.

Due to its high purity and chemical inertness products such as Saffil papers, felts and mat make excellent separator materials in battery and electrical equipment.

Protective Clothing
Due to the uniformity of fine fibre diameters and absence of non-fibrous materials, Saffil Fibre mat and felt forms make excellent inner liners for protective clothing. The liners are lightweight, resilient and offer smooth handling characteristics. This allows easy manufacture of composite textiles using thermal ┬┤resistant facing fabrics for use in high temperature and chemical splash protection.
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