High Temperature Insulation

The provision of high temperature insulating (HTI) systems has been at the heart of the Saffil business since the 1970's. Building on the wealth of experience gained in this field over the past 30 years, a division of the Saffil business has been formed that is totally dedicated to the provision of value adding cost effective insulation solutions.

Today's customers demand solutions not just products for increasingly arduous applications. Saffil Ltd, in conjunction with its partner companies, are keen to meet that challenge using the most up-to-date products and techniques.

A proven track record and continued product development ensure that Saffil maintains its position in the market as the leading supplier of furnace and kiln lining components for the 1600°C sector.

End users, furnace and kiln builders exploit the high temperature capability, low thermal conductivity and excellent chemical resistance of Saffil fibres in applications which are becoming thermally and chemically more demanding as product complexity increases.

Operational Saffil lined furnaces and kilns worldwide, in all of the main industry sectors are evidence of the value being derived by numerous satisfied customers resulting from their selection of a Saffil-based solution.

New customer development programmes demand that the fibre be engineered to produce specific performance characteristics. Saffil fibres can be modified during manufacture and can be used in composite form with many other products. Use of Saffil fibres in engineered and composite forms permits the development of tailored products for specific applications.

Whether the application is in the commercial or military aircraft sector or at the limits of man’s discovery on manned and un-manned spacecraft, Saffil products are widely used to solve the most difficult insulation problems.
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