Summary of Property Benefits

For refractory applications, Saffil Fibres' benefits include:

Stability to 1750°C
Resistance to chemical attack
High resilience
Low linear shrinkage
Very low 'shot' content (negligible)
Low thermal conductivity
Low thermal mass
Immunity to thermal shock
Ease of fabrication
High strength & modulus
Uniform fibre diameter

For other applications, such as filtration and catalyst supports, special grades of Saffil Fibre are available which offer additional valuable features:

Large surface area (CG)
High strength and modulus (RF,RG,RM)
Saffil Fibre, 96 - 97% alumina, is available in mat, bulk, blanket and milled bulk fibre forms.

Products made with SAFFIL fibre can be engineered to be stable to 1750°C. Saffil Fibre-containing products such as veneering modules, boards, vacuum formed shapes and papers are available for a range of temperatures 1100°C to 1750°C.
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